Town of Lebanon held regular meeting June 8

Unapproved Minutes Lebanon

Town Board Meeting 

June 8, 2020

Monthly town board meeting was called to order by President Jim McRoberts at 8:06PM. Present were board members Lembke, McRoberts, Tennant, and Trudo. Absent Simon.  Also present were Janice Oaks and Steve Smith. 

Unapproved minutes from the May 4, 2020 meeting were gone over. By a motion of Tennant/ 2nd by Trudo, minutes were approved as read. Motion passed. 

Unapproved bills payable for the end of May and current bills presented for the month of June were gone over.  By a motion of Tennant/2nd by Trudo, bills were approved as follows.  Motion passed. 

Bills payable liquor account: Bar Wages (May) $3,070.97, Lebanon Bar – Petty Cash 166.00, Kreuger’s Food Fair 46.93, Pepsi 282.93, Northwest Beverage Inc. 1105.55, Johnson Bros. of SD 591.80, Jerome Beverage Inc. 145.40, Republic National Distributing Co. 175.50, Coca Cola 373.65, Dakota Tom’s 332.40, Prairie Stop – March bill 218.40, Mobridge Candy & Tobacco 805.14, MDU 164.76, Dakota Farm & Ranch Supply 32.57, Dakota Electronics 149.90, Zuber Refrigeration & Heating Inc. 185.39, Reuer Sanitation April & May 292.65, South Dakota DOR April & May 553.01, Mid Dakota Water April & May 268.00, Servall Uniform & Linen Supply 35.07.

Bills payable general account: DENR-Loan payment $2,391.71, Maintenance Wages (May) 1,483.30, Finance Officer Wages (May) 319.40, Dakota Farm & Ranch Supply 90.14, SDML Worker’s Comp Fund Annual Fee 320.00, SDPAA Yearly Insurance Premium 7244.47, Potter Co. News 86.82, Venture Communications 42.36, MDU 645.08, Litigation Jan-June 1255.96.

Bills payable sewer account: MDU – Sewer Lift $411.47

Bar Business: Jan reported on how things were going now that the bar is open with restricted business allowed inside. She brought up the notion of doing some cosmetic work to a few of the walls located toward the rear of the bar. Steve volunteered to get some prices on material and present it at the next regular meeting. By a motion of Trudo/2nd by Lembke, Jan was given permission to purchase a new cash register for off-sale and a new adding machine. Motion passed. 

Old Business: The board and town maintenance wanted to remind anyone that has trees and lumber to please set out in your ditch by your house and the and it will be cleaned up at no cost. Town wide clean up will be on going and throughout the duration of the summer. 

New Business: Town Board discussed the services of having Potter Co. do the Mosquito Spraying for the summer. This year we will be responsible for the cost of the spray also. By a motion of Trudo/2nd by Tennant, stipulations of the contract were agreed on and signed.  Motion passed. 

Open Discussion: Dan brought up how the town has been searching for a fuel tank for the town, so they are not making multiple trips to town. Ron Dalhquist offered a 150-gal tank to the town for $200.00. After a discussion was held by the board and a motion was made by Trudo/2nd by Tennant, board agreed to pay Dalhquist $200.00 for the tank. Motion passed.

With there being no further business to discuss, by a motion of Lembke/2nd by Tennant, meeting was adjourned at 8:53pm.  Motion passed. 

Next monthly meeting will be held at 8pm on Monday July 6th, 2020. 


Rachelle Griese

Finance Officer/Town of Lebanon

Published once times at the total approximate cost of $34.33


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