Gettysburg, SD

Town of Lebanon held regular meeting March 5

Unapproved minutes
Lebanon Town
Board meeting
March 5, 2012
Monthly town board meeting was called to order by President Jim McRoberts at
7:03pm. Present were board members Kiernan, Kilian and McRoberts. Also
present were Steve Smith and Jan Oaks.
Minutes from the February 6, 2012 meeting were read. By a motion of Kilian,
second by Kiernan, minutes were approved with 2 corrections. Motion passed.
Reading of bills payable for the end of February and current bills for the
month of March was gone over. By a motion of Kilian, second by Kiernan,
bills were approved for payment as follows.
Bills Payable Liquor Account: Janice Oaks (February Wages) $1,182.90, Linda
McRoberts (February Wages) 1,044.74, Hageman¹s Food Fair 183.51, Northwest
Beverage Inc. 988.20, Dakota Tom¹s 138.93, Republic National Distribution
Co. 663.06, Jerome Beverage Inc. 72.15, Servall Uniform & Linen Supply
37.50, Hettinger-Mobridge Candy 750.70, Reuer Sanitation 57.20, Mid Dakota
Water 51.40, SD Dept. of Revenue & Regulations 219.85, MDU 177.95, Venture
Communications 131.21.
Bills Payable General Account: EMC Ins. Co. (Quarterly Payment) $1,798.99,
Rachelle Griese (February Wages) 300.31, MDU 577.92, Venture Communications
53.56, Hoven Co-Op (LP fuel Auditorium) 669.76, Plains Commerce Bank (941
Taxes 4th Q) 3,713.34, NCFE Lebanon Branch (Fuel for truck) 235.48, Rachelle
Griese (reimburse postage) 6.40, SD Unemployment Ins. Division (4th Q 2011)
Bills Payable Sewer Account: MDU (Sewer Lift) $91.92.
Bills Payable Sewer Lift Project Fund: Stockwell Engineers $22,500.00, Core
Engineering & Consulting LLC 1,940.00, David A. VonWald 1,387.00, Stockwell
Engineers 8,542.60, NECOG 5,000.00, Northern Escrow Inc. 59,950.46,
Stockwell Engineers 14,486.52, Northern Escrow Inc. 22,890.61.
Bar Business: St. Patty¹s Day Party will be held on Saturday, March 17, 2012
starting at 7:30PM. Pot Luck Birthday Supper will be held on Friday, March
30, 2012 at 7:30pm. Inventory will be taken on Monday, April 2, 2012 at
Old Business: Due to no one takings our petitions for the upcoming election,
Jim McRoberts will remain seated in his position as board trustee for a 3
year term beginning 05-01-12 to 04-30-2015. Thank you Jim for giving your
time to the community.
New business: By a motion of Kilian, second by Kiernan, Robert Dutt was
hired to do summer maintenance at $8.00 per hr. Motion passed. By a motion
of Kilian, second by Kiernan, motion was made to purchase a set of used
tires for $300.00 for the old dump truck. Motion passed.
With there being no further business to discuss, meeting was adjourned at
8:00pm by a motion of Kilian, second by Kiernan. Motion passed. Next monthly
meeting will be held on April 9, 2012 at 7:00PM.
Rachelle Griese
Finance Officer Town of Lebanon

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