Town of Lebanon held regular meeting May 4

Unapproved Minutes 

Lebanon Town Board 

May 4, 2020 

Monthly town board meeting was called to order by President James McRoberts at 7:53pm. Present were board members Lembke, McRoberts, Simon, Tennant, and Trudo.  Also present were Janice Oaks, Steve Smith, Darrell Griese, Jenny Trudo, Linda McRoberts, and Hazel McRoberts. 

Unapproved minutes from the April 6, 2020 meeting were gone over. By a motion of Lembke/2nd by Trudo, minutes were approved as read. Motion passed. 

Unapproved bills payable for the end of April and current bills presented for the month of May were gone over. By a motion of Trudo/2nd by Tennant, bills were approved as follows. Motion passed. 

Bills Payable Liquor Account: Bar Wages (April) $3,227.55, Kreuger’s Food Fair 47.91, Coca Cola 182.88, Prairie Stop 218.40, Dakota Tom’s 433.52, Mobridge Candy & Tobacco 398.24, Venture Communications 215.39, MDU 205.45, Servall Uniform & Linen Supply 23.58.

Bills Payable General Account: True Value Hardware $120.00, Menards 827.89, Rachelle Griese – Reimburse Office Equipment & Supplies purchased 1,023.26, Ace Hardware 126.94, Cummins Sales & Services 1,229.46, Hoven Co-Op Services 554.78, Darrell Griese – Repairs for Finance Office for water damage 6,935.39, Schlachter Lumber Inc. 2,270.08, Venture Communications 114.87, MDU 839.44.

Bills Payable Sewer Account: MDU 500.97.

Bar Business: Manager Janice Oaks informed the bar that Tennant Electric had completed their wiring project to update electrical in the bar. She also let the board know that the water level had gone down quite a bit and she not watching the sump pump as much to make sure it is working properly. She let the board know that off-sale alcohol and food has been going well and everyone seems adapted to businesses being shut down for now so that made the transition easier. 

Old business: The board again discussed the closing of the bar due to the Covid 19 pandemic. Little over a month has passed and no cases have been confirmed in Potter Co. The board agreed to open the bar but to enforce “Social Distancing” of all customers while on premises. Having a minimum set number as to how many people can be in the business at a time and to continue the sanitation process that was already passed and being followed. By a motion of Trudo/2nd Tennant, bar will be opened under the new guidelines effective immediately. Motion passed. 

New business: Annual City Clean Up will begin in May as weather permits. Town maintenance employee asks that all tree branches and burnable rubbish be placed in ditch by your homes for him to load up and remove. As always, NO TIRES, METAL, OR WHITE APPLIANCES will be accepted. The Clean Up project will continue through the summer to help keep our town looking nice. Please use this FREE service the town is providing. 

With there being no further business to discuss, by a motion of Trudo/2nd by Simon, meeting was adjourned at 8:59pm. Motion passed. 

Next monthly meeting will be held at 8pm on Monday June 8th. 


Rachelle Griese

Finance Officer/Town of Lebanon

Published once at the total approximate cost of $31.46


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