Town of Lebanon held special meeting July 23

Unapproved minutes from the Special meeting that was held on July 23, 2018

Board members attending were Pat Kilian, Pat Lembke, James McRoberts, Ron Simon, and Dan Trudo. 

Meeting was called to order by President James McRoberts at 5:30pm. Reason for calling the meeting was to discuss all quotes that were submitted for the placement of the generator/building on the cement pad, all wiring and hookups to existing electrical power source and to make sure that it is in operational condition with the assistance of DP & Control of Watertown, SD. By a motion of Kilain/2nd by Trudo, the quote from Logan Electric Inc of Gettysburg, SD by a show of hands was unanimously chosen at the contractor to perform the work. Motion passed.  Dan Trudo will contact Logan Electric Inc and DP & Control to coordinate a time when all can be present to complete the job. 

With there being no further business to discuss, by a motion of Kilian/2nd by Trudo, meeting was adjourned at 5:43pm. 


Rachelle Griese

Finance Officer/Town of Lebanon

Published once at the total approximate cost of $12.04


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