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Trees, shade, and code enforcement topics at council meeting

The city council met Aug. 4 for the regular monthly meeting.
Trees at the city park were discussed with the council. Larry Madsen told the group that a couple months ago the state forester reported doing a tree inventory in parts of town, primarily along the boulevards. Madsen felt that a recommendation from the forester would be to remove some of the cottonwood trees that are in the city park. The lower canopy trees are not doing well because of the shade. He did not think there would be a significant decrease in shade, since the other trees would become leafier and more robust. He also suggested that when new trees are planted, the snow removal may need to be managed differently so the snow would not be put on the seedlings. Madsen said grants are available to help with planting. He recommended ordering trees this fall for spring planting, but was waiting for another report from the forester. When the more extensive report arrives, more discussion will take place.
Butch Anderson addressed the board saying that he loved the city pool and had spent time there throughout the summers with grandchildren, but it was lacking shade. The VFW Post 8530 is interested in shading one side of the pool on the north side that would also help shelter the baby pool. Anderson was asked to give the city an idea of what he had in mind so the city could come up with some cost estimates. It could be a project for next spring before the pool opened. Depending on the cost, the VFW Post would be interested in paying materials and labor.
Chief of Police Bill Wainman gave his monthly report. He explained that city ordinance says that if a dog attacks another dog or a human off of their property the dog can be declared vicious. Once that is done, the animal has to leave town. Wainman said he gives every dog one chance. He is working with a pet owner to have an animal removed that is  a repeat offender for attacking other animals.
Code enforcement contacts are being made and letters sent to those in violation. Wainman asked if the city would be willing to contract someone to assist with the mowing and weedeating. Currently, with the street project, the city crew is not available to do it. The position for a part-time weedeating job will be advertised.
City Maintenance Supervisor Russell Anderson gave his report. The street work is underway. Discussion between the city and county regarding Garfield Avenue and Court Street continues, but more information is needed. Court Street should have been a four inch mat, but the depth needs to be confirmed on the road at the east end of town by the fairgrounds.
Contacts will be made to find help with painting stripes on the  tennis and basketball courts at the park.
Sewer lines were discussed. Joe Senyak talked about a lift station going in at property on Broadway St, and said there is concern that it will freeze. The sewer line depth requirement is three feet, and it was dug around four feet deep. Anderson said he is not concerned about freezing.
It was also mentioned that R&K Mechanical did some work in the alley on Lincoln, and the mess has not been cleaned up after two months. It was commented that it is not code enforcement as much as tearing up the city infrastructure, and a letter will be sent.
It was also mentioned that the north side of the kiddie pool along the sidewalk is still torn up, and some mothers have expressed concern.
Good reports were given to the city regarding their annual pet clinic. Pet owners were pleased with the veterinarian and felt he was attentive and thorough when checking the animals.
The last day for swimming at the pool will be Thursday, Aug. 21.
The September meeting is scheduled for Labor Day, which will be Sept. 1 with the meeting scheduled at the regular time
A special meeting to discuss the budget will be held on Monday, Aug. 18 at 7 p.m.
The board adjourned into executive session for non-disclosed reason.
The meeting ended on a fun note when a letter was read to the board from a person who had been stopped for speeding through town and was given a ticket by law enforcement. The letter complimented the professionalism of the police officer and admitted that the ticket was deserved!
The minutes are published on page 12 of the News. They are also online at and at
-Molly McRoberts

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