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Unapproved Minutes Gettysburg, South Dakota May 21, 2012

Pursuant to the due call and notice thereof, the City Council met in regular session on May 21, 2012 at 7:00 PM. Those present Mayor Bill Wuttke, Council members Ron Larson, Fran VanBockel, Josh Bausch, Pat Everson, Dawn Nagel and Peggy Lehman. Also present were Sharleen Eliason, Finance Officer and Police Chief Gayle Kludt. Council Lehman was given the Oath of Office. Moved by Bausch, seconded by Nagel, motion carried to pay vouchers. ANDERSON, RUSSELL, SUPPLIES, $158.30; AMERICAN RED CROSS, DUES, 350.00; BANK OF THE WEST, WITHHOLDING TAXES, 2,691.30; MONTANA DAKOTA UTILITIES, LIGHTS, 3,778.78; NATHAN BLEGEN, MILEAGE SCOREBOARD, 222.00; PEGGY LEHMAN, POOL SUPPLIES, 61.82; VENTURE COMMUNICATIONS, PHONES, 544.95; VERIZON WIRELESS, CELL PHONES, 255.42. TOTAL CHECKS $8,067.07 Moved by Everson, seconded by VanBockel, motion carried to adjourn into executive session for personnel reasons according to SDCL 1-25-2 subsection 1 at 7:08 PM and reconvened at 7:50 PM. Police Chief Kludt has indicated that she will be resigning on June 15th, 2012. Finance Officer Eliason will call the Potter County News and place a statewide ad for Police Chief, wages depending on experience, EOE, experienced certified law enforcement officer closing date of June 4th, 2012. We will also place an ad on the radio station, job service and on the teletype system which goes to all law enforcement agencies. In round table discussion Council member Everson stated that he has been having complaints that people walking their dogs on a leash are having problems with unleashed dogs coming after them. Please call the police 605-765-9600 if this happens so we can correct the problem. Moved by Everson, seconded by Bausch motion carried to adjourn at 8:00 PM. WITNESS: Bill Wuttke, Mayor ATTEST: Sharleen Eliason, Finance Officer


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