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Universal Telephone Services

Universal Telephone Services
Under the Telecommunications Act of 1996, “Universal Telephone Service” means basic telephone service is available to all consumers.  Universal telephone service is voice grade access to the telecommunications network, including local usage, touch tone calling, single party service, access to emergency 911 services, access to operator services, access to directory assistance, access to long distance telephone service and discounted services to qualifying low-income consumers.
Venture’s current charges for the Universal Telephone Service are:
• Basic Monthly local residential service, no time limit on calls:
765 Gettysburg $17.00
768 Lebanon $17.00
• Touch tone calling service-No additional charge
• Access to emergency service-No additional charge
(Note: where applicable, County 911 tax collected by Venture Communications)
• Access to operator services-No additional charge
• Access to directory assistance-per call $.85.
(Note:  If you call a long distance company for assistance, there may be a charge from that carrier)
• Access to long distance telephone companies-$6.50
(Note: Monthly flat rate mandated by the FCC)
• Residential access recovery charge- $.50
(Note: Monthly flat rate mandated by the FCC)
• Low income monthly discounts to qualifying consumers-$9.25; Enhanced Lifeline is also available
(Note: Toll blocking is available upon request.)
• If you have any questions on Universal Services, please call Venture toll free by dialing 1-800-824-7282.
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