Vaccine distribution information

To help reach more 1D community members in South Dakota, Kristi Livermont, administrator for the Avera Missouri River Health Center in Gettysburg, has shared the following information, and asked that while efforts are being made to get the Covid-19 vaccine to residents in Potter County, please be patient.

• Avera patients who live in South Dakota and who have been seen in the last two years are receiving an email and letter to their homes, letting them know which tier we are currently in for vaccination, how to reach us and information about the safety and efficacy of the vaccine.

• High-risk Avera patients who live in South Dakota, including those 80 and older, transplant patients, and patients receiving cancer and dialysis treatment, are being contacted by Avera to schedule a vaccine appointment, as allocations allow. Or patients can fill out our 1D form on

• South Dakota residents who are in 1D, but who have never been seen at an Avera location, now have access to a form on for 1D. Those who complete the form will be contacted to schedule a vaccine appointment in the order of their tier.

• Avera has implemented a waitlist for patients who are not in the tier being vaccinated by choosing “other” in our dropdown list for vaccine on This is a way for patients to express they would like to know when their tier or age group is able to schedule for vaccine.

• Those without internet access can call 1-877-AT-AVERA or the local clinic and hospital.

Avera is dedicated to administering vaccine doses as quickly as we receive them. The goal is to vaccinate everyone, and use many communication channels to keep the public updated. Check for updates.

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