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Water rescue…

water rescueDSC_0277The Gettysburg EMTs were called to the swimming pool on Tuesday morning for an swimmer who had hit her head on the board. Fortunately, it was only a drill. Pool staff practiced how to do a water rescue if a head, neck, or spinal injury occurred, and worked extensively with the new water rescue back boards at the pool. Pictured are lifeguards Sarena Nauman (Kent and Tip) and Kali Hansen (Bill Hansen/Brandy Hansen) as they practice rescuing Cameron Decker (Rick and Kari) was the “victim” of an accident at the pool. EMT Dave Stroup kept a close eye on their rescue, while Jordan Schmidt (Mark and Cindy) watched from the side of the pool after completing his turn. The staff and EMTs went through a number of scenarios using the new safety equipment.

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